How to increase the energy you get from your work

Do you have no problems getting out of bed? Do you work with a smile? Does your job make you happy, productive and motivated? Then you have no issues with work stress!

Is the end of the work day your favourite moment? Are you looking forward to you days off? Then there is a fair chance you do not get any satisfaction from your work which allows work stress to come up. Below a few tips to get more energy out of your job.

Job crafting & finding balance

Starting a nice job and stay there is not enough to become and stay enthusiastic. Enthusiastic people are job crafting: keep working on your job, looking for interesting tasks, ask help when something is not working and indicate areas for improvement.

Enthusiasm is created by finding the right balance and finding tasks that suit your position and doing tasks that give you energy. Think for example about support and cosiness of your colleagues, the freedom you get to determine how you do your work and the possibility to develop yourself.

Useful tips

What can you do the get more energy out of your job!

Below a few tips!

  1. Map out what provides you with energy: personal development conversations are perfect moments to discuss thisAsking the following question might help: what are your skills and strengths? What do you like? And to what extent do your activities match those?
  2. Ensure enough challenges; when your work becomes a routine and does not provide any challenges, boredom is waiting. Another job is a logical step, but you can also try to ‘craft’ your current position by doing more activities or increase the amount of tasks. Of course you should not put the bar too high, because it demotivates when setting unrealistic goals 
  3. Work on your resilience; a colleague that want you to take over a task while you are extremely busy, or a deadline that needs to be made, no job is free of problems and stress. The way how you deal with these ‘inconveniences’ determines your work joy and the amount of energy your job gives you. When you are resilient, you have got confidence to be assertive and defend your own principles. It prevents you from becoming the toy of all sorts of forces that you cannot influence
  4. Enforce your team feeling; a good atmosphere and team spirit is vital for employees to feel engaged. Where a good team should comply with, you can read in our blog on the characteristics of a good team.
  5. Autonomy; Autonomy in your work ask something from you as well; knowledge, skills and the right professional attitude. It is your responsibility to sustain these parts. In this way you ensure that your supervisor can coach you in your work. Becoming better in your work provides energy and a feeling of pride.

Do you have the feeling that you have done everything to increase your satisfaction and energy out of your job, but your efforts did not work out? Be honest to yourself: maybe it is time to find another job. How beautiful your job seems, how well your job is notified and how well your bond is with your colleagues. Changing your job and environment can contribute to your work joy!

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