“That one belongs to the Fan Factory team!”

Here at Fan Factory we are convinced that people make the difference, that engaged employees will lead to more efficiency in your organization. We have a mission: we’d like to create 7 million fans in 7 years in 7 continents. You’ll feel the “Fan-ergy” when you talk to one of us. We work hard and we dear to take risks. With courage, humor and perseverance we dare each other and we help our clients succeed.

Jesse Derksen

Back-end developer

Fan of soccer and parties

Eline van Effrink


Fan of cooking, music and BBQ

Cas Temmink


Fan of cats and travelling

San van Deijzen

Back-end developer

Fan of sports and going out

Isabelle Hanssen


Fan of wine and quizzing with friends

Lobke Huizinga

Content developer

Fan of my dog, ticket to ride and the sun

Sabine Vullings

Customer Success Manager | Fan Scan

Fan of coffee, walking in the nature and meeting new people

Michel Veldkamp

Sr. back-end developer

Fan of spending time with my family

Wopje van Andel

Product Owner

Fan of good food, great drinks, and playing tennis

Gerard Sterkenburg

Managing Partner

Fan of Feyenoord and entrepreneurship

Marthe van der Kint


Fan of meeting new people

Romy Sip

Customer Success Manager | Fan App

Fan of the summer and good food

Naomi Blankespoor

Junior Consultant

Fan of my dogs and wine

Melissa Koolen

Research Consultant

Fan of fries and the book: 'Solve for happy'

Jeroen Beishuizen


Fan of all the people around me

Dick Mulder


Fan of life

Patricia van Olderen

Happiness Manager

Fan of assisting people in achieving their goals

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Get your organization moving forward is our passion

We work from our own conviction

Together with you we lead

We have a refreshing approach

We truly care about you

We measure and improve your employees’ efficiency

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