Fans create fans

Employees who love their job and the brand they work for create returning customers that talk about their experiences with others; that is our belief!

Fan Scan

An employee satisfaction survey that gives you insight into what your organization should tackle fist to prevent employee turnover and keep top talent.

  • A minimum of 80% respons
  • Insights in your organization’s priorities
  • A personal report for everyone
  • Workshop for managers
  • Support with action plans
  • Interim follow-up measurement

Fan App

An employee platform that continuously activates employees to perform better and increase their bond with the organization.

  • Online training, onboarding, internal communication
  • Everything about work in one app
  • Content tailored to your needs and budget
  • Do it yourself or use our experts to do it for you
  • Your own environment
  • Connect to HR-apps

Together with you we lead

We have a refreshing approach

Get your organization moving forward is our passion

We truly care about you

We work from our own conviction

We measure and improve your employees’ efficiency

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