An unforgettable introduction

Use the first period effectively by preparing new employees for the work they will be doing and the culture of your organization. Introduce them step by step to the work, colleagues and what is expected of them. Together we create a suitable program for your organization and target group, which you can offer automatically to any newcomer at the touch of a button.

  • Automized, digital onboarding
  • Lower unwanted turnover by 50%
  • Improve productivity in the first three months by 40%

Welcome vlog

Welcome new employees in pre-boarding, before the first working day, in a personal way. Make them take part in your organizational goal so they know what they are contributing to, and they will commit themselves to this. Trough a welcome vlog from senior management, you make them approachable!

Introductory film

What does your organization do? What do you promise your guests, customers or clients? Familiarize newcomers with basic knowledge about your organization before they even start.

First day vlog

Eliminate uncertainty about the first day; In a fun and accessible way, the new employee sees what he or she can expect from their first working day.

5-minute training: the job

On day one, provide newcomers with the most important basic knowledge to do their work well. Make a 5-minute training on the topics that are important to be successful, such as the working environment, rules & procedures, products or machines that you work with or the questions of the customer that your newcomer has to deal with. Check this knowledge through a test or small assignment.

Check: How was the first day?

Did you know… that the first working day is disappointing for 40% of employees? Check how your new colleague has experienced his or her first working day and where there is room for improvement. Improve your onboarding process and always make a good impression on your freshly recruited talent.

"That's how we work" game

Make employees aware of standards through a game, quiz or challenge. What does the ideal customer journey look like for you? Explain desired behavior, so that your newcomer knows what he or she needs to do to perform well.

5-minute training: Culture

Describe and show how you interact with each other in the organization. Translate your core values into concrete behavior in practice and make newcomers familiar with your unwritten rules. Otherwise, they will not understand why you are 5 minutes late by default, always shaking hands when entering or working with earplugs.

Growth opportunities film

Did you know that job- and career support is an important success factor for onboarding? New colleagues would like to know what the career opportunities are within your organization. Therefore, at this stage, include them in a number of success stories of mature employees from your organization.

Getting to know the team challenge!

Challenge the newcomer to a playful assignment with which someone gets to know his or her internal network. Examples are a scavengerhunt, cooking workshop or pubquiz, think big!

Check: How was the first month?

Check how your newcomer experienced his first month and where there is room for improvement to make your newcomers fans from the start.


  • Brainstorm onboarding
  • Program management
  • 5 automatized messages
  • 3 e-learnings

€4000,- excl. optional costs for the Fan App as platform

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  • Brown Paper Session onboarding
  • Program management
  • 10 automatic messages
  • 5 e-learnings
  • 2 vlogs, incl. recording 

€8.500,- excl. optional costs for the Fan App as platform

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  • Brainstorm content, incl. plan of approach
  • Program management
  • 10 automatic messages
  • 10 e-learnings
  • 2 vlogs, incl. recording 
  • 3 polls

€16.500,- excl. optional costs for the Fan App as platform

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Can we purchase an onboarding program without a Fan App?

Yes, provided you have an employee platform on which the onboarding resources work effectively

Are the onboarding materials that Fan Factory makes only digital?

No, we also provide ‘classroom’ buddy training, organize vlog workshops and make hard copy material. However, the basis of an efficient and manageable onboarding process is an online environment. This means that the process is dosed, just in time and just in place, and the newcomer receives exactly the information he or she needs at that moment. The Fan App as an onboarding platform is ideal for releasing all onboarding resources in time.

Is an onboarding program only for newcomers?

Onboarding - in addition to training and functional onboarding - is about involving employees. This is possible for both new and existing employees. With our onboarding packages, we mainly focus on newcomers. The Fan App as an employee platform, on the other hand, ensures that all employees are continuously involved; it is an all-in-one employee platform for all employees of your organization.

Does Fan Factory distinguish between groups within my organization?

Certainly; each function / role / department has its own characteristics that are important. During the brainstorming session, we look at your target groups and the required approach per target group.

What is the role of Fan Factory and what is the role of the organization?

Fan Factory plays a supporting role; this means that you are the director and we help you to develop and deploy the right resources and tools to achieve your goals

How do I ensure that my employees see the right resources at the right time?

The material that we develop in the onboarding program - provided you use the Fan App as an onboarding platform - are just in time and just in place, dosed for your employee. From the moment someone has signed his or her contract. With the push of a button, you release the flow of messages and thus easily build quality into your onboarding process. The employee gets to see or do exactly what is needed at that moment.

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