Making employees feel welcome and making them quickly part of your organization; it is possible! Use the first months of your new colleagues effectively by introducing them to the organization before the first workday, by making sure to deliver a fantastic first workday and by giving them a jump start through training them optimally. After one press on a button, fully automated, yet personal and suitable for your organization. 

Fan Factory helps you create, develop and putting your personalized onboarding programm into practise; from pre-boarding (before the first working day) to the moment that an employee feels at home. 

  • Lower your unwanted turnover
  • Improve the productivity of new employees
  • Give a warm welcome to every new colleague!

Step 1: Pre-boarding

Take care of involvement from the start on!

A vlog about what is being expected from you? Check! A welcoming vlog from the director? Check! A quiz with the 10 most frequented asked questions by new employees? Check! A checklist with what you should not forget on your first working day? Check!

Step 2: Manager & Buddy checklist

Everyone knows what he has to do and when

Make sure supervisors and onboarding buddies exactly know what has to be prepared for the first working day, on the first working day and during the onboarding.

Step 3: Onboarding

Onboarding within one digital tool

Thé resources within your reach on the moment you need them; thát is essential in onboarding! A combination of interactive messages, fun and small challenges (digital trainings, gamified quizzing, instruction videos, vlogs, polls, etcetera! However, your HR-handbook is always digitally available.

Step 4: Landed

Organize a party!

A new colleague that feels at home within your organization? Celebrate this success! Organize a party and put your colleague in the spotlight.

Step 5: After the onboarding

A new phase

After the onboarding it doesn't stop; then it is just getting started for your new colleagues! Are you onboarding new employees ini the Fan App? Then you can design the Fan App in such a way that the onboarding program will fluently change into the all-in-1 app for all your employees.


  • Design session
  • 5 automized messages that will be released on the Fan App timeline
  • 3 onboarding challenges (e-learning modules)
  • Program management

€4000,- excl. optional costs for the Fan App as platform

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  • Design session incl. plan of approach
  • 10 automized messages that will be released on the Fan App timeline
  • 5 onboarding challenges (e-learning modules)
  • 2 vlogs incl. script and recording
  • Program management

€8.500,- excl. optional costs for the Fan App as platform

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  • Two design sessions incl. plan of approach and contentplan
  • 10 automated messages that will be released on the Fan App timeline
  • 10 onboarding challenges (e-learning modules)
  • 2 vlogs incl. script and recording
  • 3 polls to measure opinions based on onboarding
  • Program management

€16.500,- excl. optional costs for the Fan App as platform

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Next to our onboardingpackages, we customize programs.

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Are the onboarding materials that Fan Factory makes only digital?

No, we also provide ‘classroom’ buddy training, organize vlog workshops and make hard copy material. However, the basis of an efficient and manageable onboarding process is an online environment. This means that the process is dosed, just in time and just in place, and the newcomer receives exactly the information he or she needs at that moment. The Fan App as an onboarding platform is ideal for releasing all onboarding resources in time.

How do I ensure that my employees see the right resources at the right time?

The material that we develop in the onboarding program - provided you use the Fan App as an onboarding platform - are just in time and just in place, dosed for your employee. From the moment someone has signed his or her contract. With the push of a button, you release the flow of messages and thus easily build quality into your onboarding process. The employee gets to see or do exactly what is needed at that moment.

What is the role of Fan Factory and what is the role of the organization?

Fan Factory plays a supporting role; this means that you are the director and we help you to develop and deploy the right resources and tools to achieve your goals

Can we purchase an onboarding program without a Fan App?

Yes, provided you have an employee platform on which the onboarding resources work effectively

How do you make sure that the programm is really effective?

Our experienced onboardingexperts know exactly what it takes to make an onboardingprogramm stick. Both in terms of didactic as in terms of Fun Factor. We make sure that the crucial success factors of onboarding always come back in every programm; from managing expectations and conveying culture to the teaching of rules and procedures and the getting to know the (new) job. 

What kind of digital onboarding tools do you develop?

We develop movies, vlogs, e-learnings, animations, mini games, short quizzes, online competitions, and so on! As long as it suits the organisation and the target group for whom we make it.

Does Fan Factory distinguish between groups within my organization?

Certainly; each function / role / department has its own characteristics that are important. During the brainstorming session, we look at your target groups and the required approach per target group.

Is an onboarding program only for newcomers?

Onboarding - in addition to training and functional onboarding - is about involving employees. This is possible for both new and existing employees. With our onboarding packages, we mainly focus on newcomers. The Fan App as an employee platform, on the other hand, ensures that all employees are continuously involved; it is an all-in-one employee platform for all employees of your organization.

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