Employee satisfaction survey?

Find out what you should tackle first to create fans of your organization. The Fan Scan gives you:

  • Insights in satisfaction, engagement and price
  • Insights in your organization’s priorities
  • Personal activation of participants and managers
  • SMART actionplans based on the results

Learn where to start to reduce turnover and absenteeism and optimize employee returns.

The Fan Scan is unique

We ensure quality by doing more than just conducting an employee satisfaction survey. Click through our Fan Scan step-by-step plan and discover how we can get your organization moving.

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Step 1: Support


We achieve a minimum respons of 80% through activation of the managers of the organization. After all, they are the ones who will get their teams motivated to fill in the survey.

Step 2: Let's get started

Personal report

Employees will be responsible to get started with their own resultats from the personal report with actions and tips that they receive after filling in the Scan.

Step 3: Perspective

Your results will be placed in perspective by comparising results with organizations in your sector

Step 4: Insights

Clear results

We present the results in an appealing and clear report, including conclusions and recommendations.

Step 5: Let’s get started

Powersession with the managers

Managers create a SMART action plan based on the results of the report and strive to improve things in the next 100 days.

Step 6: Improvement

Results meeting and the next steps

We advise you on the most important themes within your organization and discuss with you which next steps you should take.

Activation of managers through powersession

Information to
act upon

Measure intermediate results with pulse checks

employee research

Achieve the
highest response

Activation of employees through personal report


Which questions does th Fan Scan answer?

The Fan Scan will tell you how appealing you are as an employer and whether your employees are satisfied, engaged and how they are performing. The Fan Scan also tells you what’s best to tackle first to improve the abovementioned themes and how to prevent turnover.

In what way are the questions asked?

The Fan Scan consists of 80 questions/statements that you can fill digitally in in 10-15 minutes via a personal link that each employee receives from Fan Factory. The Fan Scan is confidential.


How does Fan Factory support the next steps after the results become known?

Once the results are known and you have defined your goals based on your own strategy as well as based on Fan Factory’s advice, it is important to get started with these goals. You do want that your employees see a change after the outcomes are known! Fan Factory offers a variety of options to improve the outcomes, including the Fan Academy or support with leadership or HR development.

Which options for reporting are there?

In the basic package is included one report for the whole organization with a summary, priority matrix, and location or department numbers in the appendices. Separate department posters or location reports are possible. Call us to discuss the options.

What is the lead time of the Fan Scan?

The entire Fan Scan project takes about eight weeks, starting with a kick-off and ending with the advisory meeting. These eight weeks include: the kick-off for the managers, three weeks to fill in the Fan Scan with a number of response updates and reminders, three weeks to analyze and report the results, and the powersession where SMART actionplans are made, and the advisory meeting to discuss the next steps.

For which type of organization is the Fan Scan suitable

The Fan Scan is suitable for every organization that finds its employees important and wants to get the maximum return from its employees.

What costs the Fan Scan?

This depends on the number of employees in your organization, the number of managers that participate in the powersession and your reporting preferences. Fill in the calculator to discover your approximate price. This price includes a kick-off, powersession, report and advisory meeting.


How can I measure results in between the 0-measurement and the 1-measurement?

You have the option to do pulse checks; these are short measurements that cover one or two themes you tackled. This way you can measure whether you’re on the right path or whether you need to consider to adjust a few of the steps moving forward.

How does a subscription look like?

If you’re going to measure employee satisfaction, it is necessary to think of the next steps and what kind of interventions you want. You owe this to your employees, that’s the vision of Fan Factory. That’s the reason why we would like to do the Fan Scan for at least two consecutive years at your organization.

What are the questions about?

All questions are divided in 7 themes: selection, onboarding, coaching & development, empowerment, engagement, performance-evaluation, and recognition & appreciation. The employee who fills in the Fan Scan doesn’t merely gives his/her opinion about the organization, but also gives his/her opinion about him-/herself. A part of the questions concern the employee’s own functioning in the organization. There is also the option to add your own questions.

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