Best Workplace quality mark

Is your organization doing the Fan Scan? Than, there is a chance to obtain the Best Workplace quality mark. When are you entitled to this and how does it work? You will read it here.

What is the Best Workplace quality mark?

  • A quality mark whereby you show that your organization scores high on employee engagement and job satisfaction.
  • Receive the quality mark of your sector when scoring a 7,6+ and a minimum response.
  • Show you are one of the most appealing employers in your sector.
  • Obtain a quality mark with one, two or three stars.

Who receives a Best Workplace quality mark?

Start today with the Fan Scan and make sure your organization is taking action based on the results. Do you want to become acquainted with the Fan Scan already? Discover the Fan Scan itself and find out what type of employee you are.

More information about the Fan Scan


In order to qualify for the Best Workplace quality mark, an organization has to have a minimum of 20 employees.


The response on the Fan Scan at your organization is minimum:

  • 80% at an organization till 50 employees 
  • 65% at an organization from 50-100 employees
  • 50% at an organization from 100-750 employees
  • 40% at an organization from 750+ employees

Average grade

The average grade that employees give their job is a 7,5 minimum.

  • With a 7,6: Best Workplace quality mark 1 star
  • With a 7,8: Best Workplace quality mark 2 stars
  • With a 8,0: Best Workplace quality mark 3 stars

What does the quality mark look like?

Every year, every sector has its own Best Workplace quality mark. Depending on your results you receive a quality mark with one, two or three stars.

What sectors de we differentiate?


If my organization doesn't fit one of the specific sectors, which Best Workplace quality mark do I receive?

In this case, your organization belongs to the general quality mark.

What could I do with this Best Workplace quality mark?

With this quality mark you show that you are an appealing employer. You could use it in recruitment, employer branding campaigns and to stimulate the feeling of pride under your employees. Because working at a Best Workplace is something you can be proud of.

To what employee survey is the Best Workplace quality mark connected?

The Best Workplace quality mark is connected with our refreshing employee survey the Fan Scan. The Fan Scan differentiates itself by the way the follow-up is not only the responsibility of HR, but also the place where the Fan Factor will be created: at the work floor.

For how long is the Best Workplace quality mark valid?

The Best Workplace quality mark will be handed out every year again. If you do the Fan Scan on an annual basis and you have sufficient score/response, you will receive a new quality mark every year. From the first of october on, new quality marks will be handed out for the next year.

What do I get when I obtain the Best Workplace quality mark?

If you obtain the quality mark, it must be celebrated! You will receive a sustainable party package to celebrate within your organization that you obtained the quality mark. Besides that, you will get an interview that will be published on our websited, a window sticker for on your building and a digital (media) toolkit to show the world that you are a Best Workplace.

When do I have a chance to obtain the Best Workplace quality mark?

By doing our employee survey the Fan Scan with a minimum score of a 7,6 on 'overall job' and a minimum respons percentage. This differs per size of an organization and could be read above.

If I wouldn't want to do an extended research, but only want to look for a quality mark, is the Best Workplace quality mark interesting?

At Fan Factory we have the philosophy that as an employer, you need to make sure you are getting beter every day and work on your points of attention after a measurement. You could also go for a basic variant of the Fan Scan, where you have a chance of receiving the quality mark but don't go through all the steps of our regular approach of the Fan Scan. We would like to tell you more during an appointment.

How many employees does your organization have?

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