Let’s get started and stimulate your employees targeting the quality of work.

This employee-app is customized for your organization with optional support with the development of content and online trainings provided by our experts.

  • Better quality of service = returning customers and guests
  • Strengthened bond with the organization = lower turnover
  • Higher revenue = higher returns


Reach all your employees in a fast and effective way. Communicate in a one-on-one way with your target group. Get colleagues in touch. Celebrate successes, engage and inspire employees.

Online training

Connect learning and working by providing trainings in a fun, practical way. Make learning fun through modern game-like formats of trainings. Give your employees the opportunity to create content and motivate them to learn.


Create an unforgettable first day for new employees! Integrate new employees and use the first period effectively. Let them get to learn more about the work, their colleagues and what’s expected from them.


Motivate your employees to do a little more than what’s expected from them. Discover what motivates them, even the ones that work part-time for only four hours a week. How can you activate them to perform better, what triggers them? Create competitions and recognize great performances of teams and individuals.

Everything about work
in one app

Your own

Designed to your
wishes and budget

Do it yourself or
let us help you

Connect it to
other systems

Measurable insight into what does (not) work


Get easily started on your own

  • Communciation timeline
  • Chatservice
  • Push notifications
  • Notification overview
  • Digital document archiving
  • Shift schedule 
  • Dashboard for manager
  • 12 generic trainings
  • CMS tutorial
  • Program management (optional)

from €2,50 per employee per month, startup costs excluded

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Make it personalized

  • Develop your own e-learning content
  • Automatic learning paths
  • Individual communicationflows
  • Onboarding functionality
  • Polls
  • Workshop creating e-learning content
  • +6 generic trainings
  • Program management and content creation (optional)

‚ÄčThis is on top of package Basic

From €3,50 per employee per month, startup costs excluded

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Continuous optimal activation

  • Feedback module 
  • Compliments module
  • Classical trainings module
  • Competition element
  • +6 generic trainings
  • Program management and content creation (optional)

‚ÄčThis is on top of package Plus

From €3,95 per employee per month, startup costs excluded

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Want to know more?

Can we create our own content and share it via the Fan App?

Yes, depending on which role and which rights you have in the employee-app, you can create and share your own content.

What’s the ratio of Fan Factory and our organization when it comes to the amount of work?

Both Fan Factory and the organization have to invest time in the development of the app. The ratio of the work depends on how much content the organization wants to develop itself.

Can we connect the Fan App to other applications?

In most cases we can, but only if they work with an API.

Does the Fan App comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Yes, the Fan App complies with GDPR.

Does Fan Factory develop continously?

For sure! We keep on developing the Fan App, to stay innovative and focussed on what employees need. We work with several releases per year, in which updates are being runned in the app. As our client, we will obviously make sure that you are aware of the new releases and what this means to you. 

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