In direct contact with all your employees

Reach, onboard, train and engage employees, within just one click. Want to turn employees into ambassadors whilst triggering them to deliver improved quality? Use the Fan App.

  • Reduce turnover
  • Effective and efficient communication with employees
  • Make employees fans of their work and your brand


Assure an unforgettable first acquaintance with your organization. Use this period effectively by preparing new employees, with the Fan App, for their job responsibilities and organizational culture. Through vlogs, quizzes and mini-trainings, new employees will gradually become more comfortable with their work, colleagues and expectations. Make new employees your fans! 

Internal communication

Reach all your employees effectively and efficiently. Communicate one-on-one with the chat function or share something with a designated team through the timeline. Create different groups in the app, to ensure an employee receives relevant content only. Connect employees company-wide, crossing traditional boundaries. Celebrate successes, share important information and inspire employees with (examples of) desired behavior.  

Online learning

Improve skills and productivity of your employees through e-learning, according to your organizational objectives, by offering short, modern and gamified online trainings. Gamification enhances the motivation and enjoyment of learning. Choose from the complimentary 12, 18 or 24 standard trainings and make it more personalized by adding your own vlogs, battles, games and trainings. Choose to do it yourself or let us help you.


Motivate your employees to go the extra mile, with help of the Fan App. Discover what motivates them, including the part-timer working just four hours a week. How can you move them towards desired behavior, what are they sensitive to? Play with competitive elements and recognize good performance of individuals and teams. 


Start quick and easy

  • 12 complimentary online trainings
  • Communication timeline 
  • Chat function
  • Push notifications
  • Archive function for documents
  • Manager dashboard

From €2,75 per employee/month

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Make it personalized

  • Everything from the basic package
  • +6 complementary online trainings
  • Upload and design your own trainings 
  • Individual learning paths
  • Communication flows
  • Onboarding function
  • Scheduling timeline messages
  • Workshop content creation

*Extra comparing with the basic package

From €3,75 per employee/month

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Optimal activation, continuously

  • Everything from the plus package
  • +6 extra free online trainings
  • Competition and ranking
  • Offline trainings calendar
  • Feedback function
  • Polls on the timeline
  • subscribe function for classical trainings
  • feedback and compliment module
  • 270 degree feedbacktool

Extra comparing with package PLUS

From €4,25 per employee/month

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Fans of the Fan App

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Can we create our own content and share it via the Fan App?

Yes, depending on which role and which rights you have in the employee-app, you can create and share your own content.

Can we connect the Fan App to other applications?

In most cases we can, but only if they work with an API.

What does the support of Fan Factory look like?

Every quarter there is an evaluation with the project manager of Fan Factory. This project manager will take you into the analytics of your Fan App and gives pro-actively advice about utilizing the modules of the Fan App maximum. Apart from these quarterly evaluations, Fan Factory organizes client events. During this (online) event you get tips, tricks and best practices about realizing the maximum effects of the Fan App at your organization.

Fan Factory as well as the organization must invest time in the development of the employee application. This workload is depending on the way the organization itself is developing content or wants to be unburdened and chooses to ask the experts of Fan Factory.

How does it work to connect the Fan App with other tools?

The Fan App works with an API. If you want to connect the Fan App to other tools or programmes, it is necessary that this system works with an API. In that case, we deliver the requirements and you can connect the systems to each other. For additional costs, you could let Fan Factory do this for you.

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