The 7 characteristics of good teamwork

Teamwork is the fundament of happiness in your work. Together we know much more and perform better! In short, together you achieve more than on your own. Sharing knowledge and successes besides a great atmosphere are crucial to making your job more fun and enjoyable.


Together Everyone Achieves More!

What are the 7 characteristics of good teamwork?

1. Everyone is different

A good team consists of different people with different qualities who complement each other. An important condition is that you respect each other. We’re used to judging very fast, but sometimes things are different that you initially thought. Treat your colleagues the way you want to be treated. Do you like it when your colleagues are there for you when you need them? Then do the same for them.

2. Trust

You can build on trust! When you trust each other, you know what you can expect from each other. To gain trust, promises need to be kept. Are you trusted? A colleague or supervisor then knows that you’ll keep the promises you make.

3. Communication

Communicating is more than only setting some rules or dividing the tasks for a project. Communicating also entails showing interest in each other. A team that trusts each other can discuss things that are going on at home for instance. You can keep that in mind if a colleague is not performing as good as you’re used from them. Another benefit of trust and communication is that when a colleagues says something you don’t like, you can tell them honestly about it. Honestly is important for good teamwork.

4. The right coach

Performing well as a tam requires a good division of the tasks. Especially during the busy periods everyone needs to be doing what they excel in best. Use your team’s talents. Be patients with colleagues, but also be clear about whatever you’re communicating. Make sure you let them know that you trust them. If you want to learn new skills, tell that to your team so you don’t get stuck with the same tasks you already know.

5. Fun!

When you function as a team, there is room for a little humor. Keep it fun and make sure confrontations are only concerning business and not personal matters. You’ll improve the working atmosphere. When you have fun as a team, your customers will sense that and will keep want to return.

6. Share compliments!

Everyone wants to be appreciated, so why not compliment each other every now and then! Giving each other compliments will make everyone feel good and will increase everyone’s self-confidence. You’ll profit from this, it will lead to a great team spirit.

7. Celebrate successes

How satisfied are your customers? Did your turnover turned out to be higher than expected because of great teamwork? Don’t forget to celebrate successes, no matter how big or small they are! Organize a small party, or just have a beer together after work. Why? It gives you energy, it motivates because you did something good, it improves team spirit and encourages you to do better next time. Real teams celebrate successes and even more important: allow each other success.


You see…. A great team starts with you! Make things discussable, give each other feedback and be interested in each other, ensure a comfortable work atmosphere and support a good team feeling!

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