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De Horeca Groep Leiden (HGL) is an organisation that has been developing new concepts within the hospitality industry for years. In and around Leiden, they have 7 trendy businesses. De HGL has the ambition to become the most attractive employer in the hospitality industry in the region. That’s why they do everything to engage their employees as much as possible and keep them interested in their job at all times. They define the brand and the customer journey.

“What is your advice to tackle first to become an attractive employer?”

De HGL has a lot of part-time employees. These employees serve customers. How do you make sure that your part-time employees are also a fan of your brand and the work that they do? That they work passionately and perform the best? That they recommend you as an amployer, even outside work?

Step 1: Measure the Fan  Factor

To know in what extent your employees act as ambassadors of your organization, you need to do a measurement. We implemented the Fan Scan in De HGL to gain insights into the star qualities of De HGL as an employer and the qualities that needed to be improved. We organized a kick-off to increase the response rate. Once you invest in a research, you do want that all your employees would participate! We also sent all the respondents their own Fan Report with personal tips to improve their functioning. Finally, we organized an energetic workshop for the managers to help them translate the results of their location into a SMART action plan.

Step 2: Improving the Fan Factor

After the workshop with the managers, De HGL went into action with a few interventions. They knew now exactly what they needed to tackle first and had the tools to do it right. Implementing yearly measurements allows De Horeca Groep to work towards their goal effectively: to become the best employer in the hospitality industry in the region!


The action plans have led to a decrease in employee turnover and an increase in employee engagement and performance. And this has led to a better customer satisfaction in the businesses.

Achieved results

Decreased employee turnover

Increased Performance

Increased engagement

Increased customer satisfaction

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