“Doing is what we do” is the motto of doen’r; a secondment agency located in thethe heart of Rotterdam. doen’r has been using their own doen’r Fan App since June 2021. Because doen’r has been opted for a tailor-made app, the app is in doen’r corporate identify.

Why doen’r use the Fan App

doen’r has more than 100 employees that it seconds to their clients. For doen’r it is very important that the seconded employees not only feel connected with their client, but also with doen’r! This is why doen’r was looking for a tool that was capable to engage, bind and captivate with their employees throughout the year.  It is important that the tool helps them with improving the skills of their employees in a fun way, but also helps to love doen’r a little more! doen’r mainly uses its own Fan App as a communication tool to their consultants. By means of the Doen’r app they are able to communicate everything with them about what is going on within doen’r. doen’r also uses the app as an onboarding tool for new employees. A pre-and onboarding programme automatically releases in the app whenever a new employee signs their contract. Dosed, playful and effective are the key words of the onboarding programme of doen’r.

The doen’r app is also the place where employees can sign up for trainings and fun activities. Keep growing, learning, trying out and innovating are important at doen’r. By means of the app, doen’r makes the employee journey automatically, because of it time’s left for personal attention; that where doen’r distinguishes itself in.automates the employee journey, so that there is time left or personal attention; that in which doen’r distinguishes itself.

As a secondment, how does doen’r ensure more involvement through the app?

By being consistent in the message flow and involving consultants by incorporating ‘call to action’ into messages. doen’r encourage more engagement and interaction. For example, doen’r publishes the so called “doen’r Courant” every quarter with all the developments within doen’r. The consultants are also able to find documents about the systems that doen’r works with within the app. They can register for fun company outings and receive a 'introduce yourself' message when a new consultant is employed. In this way everyone remains involved with doen'r and each other.

What does the app provide the consultants?

The app means for consultants that they can find everything about their work and employer on one platform. The doen'r Fan App is linked to Yoobi and NMBRS, so that employees do not have to install various apps when they are hired. Because important documents such as the staff guide, the absenteeism protocol and secondary employment conditions can be found in the app, the employee will find what he/she needs in a short time.

What does the doen'r app deliver?

"With the help of the app, we better prepare young consultants for their time at doen'r and expectations are clearly outlined. New doen'rs are hired every month, which took us a lot of time to train and prepare everyone. Now we lost 16 hours a week, because everyone automatically goes through the onboarding process in the doen'r app. Our contractors can use these 16 hours now to hire new consultants.

The real savings for us are in managing the teams. Before each team manager had 35 people in his team: that was the max. Thanks to all the automations in the app and the clear communication, simple questions are answered directly in the app. "This means that our team managers can now manage 40 doenr’s in their team and have time for personal attention: what sets us apart," says Levi Reuhman, general manager.

What does doen'r likes the most about the app?

“What I like most about the app is that it is accessible and interactive. It is easy for every user to post messages, register for events or participate in challenges,” says Lisa Groenewold, brand manager at doen'r.