How to reach your full potential

When you reach your full potential, you will notice it boosts your work happiness, your confidence, pride and your performance! Do you actually know where you good at? And  are you making sure you reach your full potential? With the tips below you will get the most out of yourself which results in your personal success being stimulated and you contribute more to the your and your organisation’s success. 

1. Use your strengths

You have two ways to grow:

  1. You can improve your weaknesses
  2. Or you use your strengths

The last one works faster and gives a better feeling. Where is your actual growth potential?

The characteristics and skills that fit you, you have already developed those. Success is where your passion and skills meet. What you like is often what you are good at. So forget your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. You will grow faster with more joy. 

When you wait until your weaknesses are ‘resolved’, you can wait for a long time. Luckily you do not have to: your strengths can be exploited more! Put down your tasks and responsibility. Do these characteristics and skills fit with you? Or do you miss some knowledge which causes you to no take full responsibility? Discuss this with your supervisor so he/she knows what can be expected of you. 

2. Be open and honest to yourself

When you are open to yourself, you can grow, try to look critically to yourself: what are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you find it difficult to answer these questions? Then ask people who are close to you. Openness and honesty to yourself is difficult sometimes to be confronted with. It is easier to not think about yourself but do it. In the end you limit yourself, because everything in your life is the result of self-development. The only real way to success!

3. A positive attitude

Do you get satisfaction out of your work by thinking more positively about yourself? Than teach yourself to. A negative think process results in a decrease in your confidence, do not ruin your work joy and stress. Do not think: “my colleagues do not understand me”. Try to be active and think: “how can I ensure that my colleagues do understand and help me?”. 

4. Look for your personal challenge

Of course you can wait for your work to change or until something crosses your path. But, why? There is fair chance that your work is getting worse each day. You should change your work situation. Look for challenges and solutions for signalised bottlenecks. Be pro-active and create possibilities. Your active work attitude and the continuous improvement helps you to get more satisfaction out your job and decrease your work stress.

5. Do your best and be curious

You do not like your work? Do you work on the automatic pilot? That is a pity, right? Because, this way your work will not become more fun. You even have the chance that your self-esteem decreases. Do you choose to give it your best and use your knowledge and skills. Go the extra mile, be curious and search for situation in your work where you can use your strengths. Or go to other and learn from them. This way you increase your work satisfaction and motivation.  

6. Some last tips to reach your full potential: 

  • Enjoy every success, big or small
  • Think in possibilities instead of limits
  • Take time for things that are really important
  • Dare to say “no”
  • Know you can develop from new experiences
  • Create the right balance between effort and relaxation
  • Never forget to smile

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