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From the first day onwards – 90 years ago – vanHaren is a shoe company that puts people first. People are at the center of the mission; vanHaren serves people. Exceeding expectations with personalized advice and surprising service: that’s what they do and who they are. As they need their employees to realize this, these are the people they take good care of. Customers will never love a company until employees love it first. Employee wellbeing, from the stores to the factories, is top priority. vanHaren even has a charity (Stichting Hulp), which initiates many projects to help people in need in third world countries. Passion for shoes ánd people!

“How do we clarify KPI’s per region, to become a more attractive employer?”

Roughly 1.500 employees work at vanHaren. Salesclerks, storemanagers, logistics employees, administrative staff etc. You will find them in all 146 locations in the Netherlands and 16 locations in Belgium. “How do you improve the FAN FACTOR, to engage employees, making them more fan of their work and the brand?”

Step 1: Measure!

The Fan Scan was carried out in order to clarify where vanHaren excels as an employer and what had to be improved first per organizational unit (region, support office or logistics center) in order to be and remain an attractive employer. Upon completion of the Fan Scan, each employee received a personal report, with which each individual could immediately start working on his/her work pleasure, with or without the manager (that was up to the employee to decide). The organizational results of the Fan Scan were broken down per organizational unit, clarifying concrete action points for each organizational unit. After the first measurement, it turned out that there were wishes for further splitting of results. Luckily, this is possible, which is definitely worth considering for the next measurement.

Step 2: Addressing KPI’s per region

Soon after the results were published, vanHaren started working on 'low-hanging fruit'. Small but surprising and effective elements that establish change and that people could continue working on. Larger themes are categorized by priority and will be central in the coming year. An energetic workshop (Powersessie) was also organized for all leaders to help them translate the results of their own region into a concrete action plan for the first upcoming 3 months. They learned the most important aspects to tackle first and they got the tools to get started. By continuing to measure and adjust annually, vanHaren can effectively work towards their goal; be the most attractive employer in retail!

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By making direct managers -partly- responsible for the success, vanHaren does not wait but takes action itself after the Fan Scan. This pro activity is very important. In addition, vanHaren now knows what she is already good at and which themes require most attention organizationwide, and per location. Thanks to the concrete conclusion with tips, tricks and advice, vanHaren can actually start to achieve their goal.

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