Bakery ’t Stoepje is a big franchise formula in bread, cake and pastries in the Netherlands. They are weekly active across 600 markets through the Netherlands. Since the beginning of 2022 ’t Stoepje has been using the Fan App to help them with the communication with the goal to improve the communication between the entrepreneurs.

What does ‘t Stoepje want to achieve with the Fan App?

The goal was to get all the entrepreneurs of ‘t Stoepje on the Fan App, with the result thatthere is one platform for all the relevant communication within the company. In addition,the ‘t Stoepje entrepreneurs are real bakers and specialists. “We would like to make them even betterspecialist with help of the challenges in the Fan App, especially the employees of these entrepreneurs. Of course the entrepreneurs of ‘t Stoepje are already real fans of the company, but sometimes they don’t realize many people are also fan of them. By using the Fan App we would like to improve the “Fan Factor” of them and their employees – Emma van Twillert, marketing and communication employee at ‘t Stoepje. (> vergeet de aanhalingtekens niet)

What does the Fan App provide the entrepreneurs?

All the information that entrepreneurs need to know can be found in the Fan App. So, it really is a communication tool. The Fan App provides the entrepreneurs the necessary knowledge in various ways. For example; the to do list is placed every week in the Fan App, they can find important documents and the entrepreneurs can participate in challenges and battles. “Because of the battles that they can participate in, in which information is processed that is important for them, we encourage them to learn even more about ‘t Stoepje”, says Emma. When you update the Fan App, you are aware of all relevant and important information. What exactly is whole grain? Why is this better than other breads? What products should I offer to someone who eats low carb? Entrepreneurs can answer all these kinds of questions by means of the teaching modules and the battles that are possible in the Fan App.”

What does the Fan App provide the employees?

Next to the fact that the Fan App is important for the entrepreneurs, it is also very helpful for the employees of ‘t Stoepje. ‘t Stoepje also places a lot of useful information in the Fan App for the employees, which makes the employees feel more involved in their work and the company. For example; ‘t Stoepje shares new features and products with their employees through the Fan App. In this way everyone is always up to date  about the current promotions and newest developments.

The timeline is also very appealing to ‘t Stoepje in the Fan App. ‘t Stoepje can post messages on it as often as desired in different groups with relevant attachments. In addition, they also find the game portal an added value to the app.  A fun way to learn new things, “a really good complement” says Emma.

The Fan App has ensured that both entrepreneurs and employees can find all information that is relevant to them in the app. 't Stoepje also gives the app an 8 as a mark, which we are of course very proud of!