How are we working on being an attractive employer?

Postillion Hotels is actively answering this question and we help them with it!

Fan Factory collaborates with Postillion Hotels to achieve its goal to become ‘the place to be’ with regards to working, learning and developing. We accomplish this by implementing the Fan App: 1 platform for communication, learning, and measuring. To give you an insight in how our Fan App contributes to more fans of work and brand, we interviewed Suzanne van Veldhuizen (HR consultant at Postillion Hotels).

At Postillion Hotels the Fan App is called the Postillion Employee App.

  1. Why did you desire to develop a platform to communicate, learn and measure?

At Postillion Hotels we want to be ‘the place to be’ for working, learning and developing.

We actually did have already a platform, the Postillion Academy. However, The Postillion Academy did not offer all the features we wanted to. Additionally, The Postillion Academy was a web-based only platform. We noticed that the usage of our platform decreased, it was not accessible enough for our Postillioners. In short: it was outdated.

For this reason, we wanted to develop one platform where our Postillioners continuously could learn, develop, and communicate among themselves and find everything regarding work. Here we facilitate our employees and allowing them to execute their work optimally. This meant that a the platform should also be integrated with our employee systems and scheduling. Previously mentioned would expedite the employee experience, Postillioners only need to consult one platform instead of multiple websites.

  1. Why did you choose the Fan App of Fan Factory?

We were in search of an organization that could make our ideas and wishes come true. We requested for tenders of three different companies including Fan Factory. We compared all the offers extensively and eventually chose Fan Factory. They saw potential in our ideas and wishes and Fan Factory was confident to make it happen!

Besides, we already worked together with Fan Factory when we developed our Postillion Academy. This collaboration that has been going on for years has lead to a true connection. This connection has lead Fan Factory to also have the ‘Postillion DNA’ in their blood. All above reasons guaranteed a pleasant partnership.

  1. What makes the Fan App so special?

The Fan App or Postillion Employee App is developed according to our wishes and demands, this also includes the further expansion of the App. We have an own employee app, how cool is that?

  1.  What does the Fan App or Postillion Employee App contribute?

The Postillion Employee App really advances us in reaching our goal of becoming ‘the place to be’ for working, learning and developing. With the Postillion Employee App we create FANS of work and brand, ambassadors of Postillion. Through the Postillion Employee App we try to motivate our Postillioners intrinsically to go that extra mile for Postillion and ultimately our guests. The App will eventually result in more employee engagement and a higher guest satisfaction rate.

To test if our goals are actually achieved we measure this multiple times a year by our Postillion Employee Survey. Our Employee Survey is also made by Fan Factory and is called the Fan Scan. Please not that this Employee Survey or Fan Scan is conducted though the Postillion Employee App.

More about the Fan App

  1. What are the benefits of the Fan App for the line managers?

Line managers of our locations are able to motivate, appreciate, and recognize through the Postillion Employee App. For example through our feedback module (2 new features) that we are currently developing. One of these modules is the 270 degree feedback module.

The Postillion Employee App grants our Postillioners to ask an give feedback to other employees based on behavioural or functional related questions. Also, the manager could be asked to give feedback to a designated Postillioner through the given form given. Ultimately, our Postillioners will develop a broad spectrum of what goes well and what could be improved in their work.

The feedback reports supplied by the Postillion Employee App can be used as golden threat during our yearly performance appraisals between managers and Postillioners. The feedback form could be filled in during the whole year. This gives continuous opportunities for a dialogue between manager and Postillioner. Possible actions that come out of these conversations can be directly implemented in the Postillion Employee App. For example: the subscription of trainings, the skillslab (where all know-hows can be found) or taking 5-minute e-learning trainings.

  1. What are the benefits of the Fan app for the employees?

In our Postillion Employee App our Postillioners can find everything to optimally enjoy and fulfil their job. Think about accessing documents like our Employee Information Book, SOPs, Safety and Security plans, development plans, and results of the Employee Survey/Fan Scan. But also, executing 5-minute trainings, subscribing to classical trainings, accessing skillslab, accessing the schedule, downloading of payrolls, annual statements and doing declarations. Additionally, our Postillioners are always up-to-date of the latest news of their own Hotel, and Postillion The Netherlands.

  1. What are the opinions about the Fan App on the workfloor?

Mainly positive reactions! We experienced that people got used to the Postillion Employee App very easily. This while we are online for only 4 months now!

For this reason, we continuously develop more features for the App together with Fan Factory, to keep the Postillion Employee App appealing and easy to use for our Postillioners.

  1. Which features are most appealing to you?

This is a very hard question I must say! I am proud of every feature we developed together!

  1. In which way does the Fan App contribute in more Fans of work and brand

The Postillion Employee App plays a big part in our Employee Branding as well as our Communication with the labour market, Recruitment and Selection, Pre-boarding, during Onboarding, the Landed phase, and even when Postillioners leave the company. Because of this we hope to create more fans (ambassadors) of Postillion!

Curious how the Fan App actually looks like? Please visit our Demo and get familiar with the Fan App and see what it could bring your organisation!

Achieved results

Higher employee engagement

Being an attractive employer

Improved internal communication

Clear insight in development opportunities