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The organization “De Pannekoekenbakker” is an ambitious franchise organization. The 15 pancake restaurants are continuously trying to strengthen their position in the market. An important element to realize this growth is investing in the development of the employees. Because in the end that will be the core of the formula for success: employees who care about their customers and make the difference for the organisation.

“Help us improve our onboarding and our customer journey”

De Pannekoekenbakker’s greatest challenge is to engage its employees as most of them work there as a side job. When their employees work with passion and heart, it will lead to more satisfied, returning customers. This dedication should start growing already on their first day of work at their new job.

Step 1: Keeping up good quality

We developed the Pannekoekenbakker Fan App together with De Pannekoekenbakker with which:

  • Employees are supported with their daily tasks
  • De Pannekoekenbakker can reach its employees fast and effectively
  • New employees get to know the basic principles already before their first day
  • Current employees get the tools to improve their performance
  • Processes are standardized
  • The formula becomes part of the employees’ head and heart
Step 2: Support from within the organization

To be absolutely sure that the Fan App (named “Co@ch” by De Pannekoekenbakker) would be filled with relevant content and would be used within the organization, we trained app ambassadors. We started with a Customer Journey workshop – it was up to the ambassadors to decide how the Customer Journey of De Pannekoekenbakker would look like.

The ambassadors were trained to become trainers themselves, so that the employees can start creating their own content for their own location. Besides getting the more formal training through the Fan App, the employees had the opportunity to be trained by a colleague in a more informal way through a vlog or blog.

The ambassadors were also trained to coach people at work in person. The employees get to read material via the Fan App and be coached in real life at work. We call this “blended learning” – a combination of online and offline learning. The ambassadors were also taught how to motivate their colleagues, how to tackle resistance, how to celebrate moments of success, and how they can increase the use of the Fan App at their own location/department.

Step 3: How do we motivate them?

We introduced a competition element in the Fan App to motivate the employees of De Pannekoekenbakker to continuously perform well. We do multiple competitions every year – one of them was based on customer satisfaction. We had a few mystery guest visitors attend De Pannekoekenbakker and let them score the Customer Journey, including upsell. The Fan App is a daily destination for employees to continuously be motivated at work, including the employees who work merely 4 hours a week.


The day the Fan App went live at De Pannekoekenbakker, it was visited 8000 times by their employees. With 450 employees in total, this has been a great achievement. The Fan App has helped employees understand what is expected from them. In addition, they are continuously activated and motivated to perform better on a daily basis. The Fan App helps De Pannekoekenbakker grow to a professional, service-oriented organization where great quality is the standard.

Achieved results

8000 logins on day 1

133% volume increase due to a sales-battle

97% is an active user

Quality standards in growing organizations

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