The pre- and onboarding programmes we introduced by Jumbo helps them with creating fans of their new colleagues – before their first workday! This makes sure that the new employees will stay longer at Jumbo and that they will create fans of the customers.

How did we do this?

A perfect workgroup

To came up a good onboarding programme for all the colleagues from Jumbo – from order employees till the managers - it was necessary to create a good workgroup filled with employees from all the degrees.

From brainstorm to blueprint

What is needed to make sure that all the new colleagues are fan of Jumbo? In two brainstorm sessions we helped Jumbo with this, from goal till target group. Everything is discussed to make sure that all parts of the programme are on the right place. The following five aspects of a good onboarding programme were leading in the two sessions.


We look for the right method for each customer. At Jumbo we opted for an agile approach: with the entire onboarding plan in mind, we briefly discussed the progress every three weeks and determined the actions for the coming period in these meetings. This made the size of the project manageable, ensured that we could continuously adjust to the latest developments and the weekly check-in moments kept everyone on their toes!


We searched for the appropriate medium for each subject. Would you like to get to know your own store quickly? For this kind of situations, we developed a Jumbingo map with actions. How do you make the complex supply chain accessible? With a short animation. In short, online modules, the new colleague learns more about Jumbo history, about the Jumbo DNA and about all development options. We make tough topics fun by offering them in a gamified way. Everything in the unique Jumbo house style of course!

Everyone on board!

The materials were tested with the most important stakeholders as well as the various target groups: this way we know for sure that it fits and that the onboarding program is widely supported. As is part of agile working, we did this at several moments in between.

Roll out in the meantime – and celebrate!

Why wait to roll out when a part of is already ready? That is also a advantage of agile working; we introduce the organization to what has already been made. These kinds of milestones should be celebrated, that’s why we came together working group for a delicious Jumbo apple pie!

And now?

While the new colleague studies the delivered modules, we develop a pre-boarding program. This program contains various resources, uch as handouts for a manager and a buddy, but also flyer for the parents of colleagues who now have a side job at Jumbo for the first time. This is how we make a new colleague a fan of Jumbo before the first working day!

Jumbo about the collaboration with Fan Factory

The onboarding program we are developing with Fan Factory help sus with ur goal to give our new colleagues warm welcome and to make Jumbo fans. Fan Factory’s approach distinguished by their involvement nd creativity. We also appreciate their speed and flexibility! At Jumbo we are already working Fan Factory in several areas.