We All Want What Millennials Want

Reader, as a Gen Xer or Baby Boomer, how many things do you have in common with Millennials in relation to things like technology and motivation for success? Probably a lot.

In the previous blog we read about how Millennials are not that different from other generations. So the question is: what do we all want from our employer, from our job?

Let’s phrase this question in a different way: What are the reasons good employees leave and how can you prevent this?

I don’t think my manager is doing a good job

People often don’t leave because of their job, they often leave because of their manager.

It happens often that someone gets promoted to be a manager based on their skills that make them a great employee, not the skills that are required for management. In order to avoid problematic managers and a high employee turnover, make sure to provide the necessary training and guidance to help your managers lead and manage their teams successfully.

I’ve peaked, I don’t think I can learn anything more here

Top performers can leave because they might feel that their career advancement has stopped. Even though they might love their job and your company, if they feel that there’s nothing in it for them personally anymore, they will be tempted to leave.

Don’t make the mistake to automatically promote them to a manager. Not everyone wants to become a manager. Make sure that educational and career advancement opportunities are available to allow employees to build the career path they have in mind. 

Most people don’t want to go to work and do the same thing day after day. Most people want to learn new things and if you can support their efforts to do that, you will also gain loyalty to your organization.

I don’t feel I have a healthy work-life balance

Do you expect your employees to be available at all times, emailing, calling or messaging them during off hours? It’s time to stop or otherwise you will lose your top talent.

Give your employees control over their work schedule. They know their deadlines and they are the ones that know how and when to work to get the job done in the most effective ways.

You can offer fresh fruits in the office, make it easier to get time off from work when someone needs it, provide the choice to work from home if needed. These little things emphasize the importance of a healthy work-life balance and make your employees feel valued and heard.

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